​ • Aluminium                                
 • Copper
 • Wood

 • Maintenance and Repair

• Single Ply
• Metal
• Roof Coating
• Flat Roof Repairs


PITCHED ROOFS                         
• Asphalt/Fiberglass Shingle Roofs
• Cedar Shingles
• Slate 
• Tile
• All Types of Copper Roofs 

​​​ We are also certified experts with the following products:   
 CertainTeed Roofing Products               
 GAF Materials Corporation    

 Roofing Products International, Inc.           

High Tech Roofing Restoration LLC is fully licensed and insured. We promise to deliver exceptional results and a pleasurable, stress-free experience. We handle everything from prep to clean up. We also specialize in the identification and repair of stubborn leak problems but offer a wide array of services to ensure that your roof is maintained to the highest standards. Our services include but are not limited to:

High-Tech Roofing Restoration LLC

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Telephone/Fax: (203) 532-9923 
Cell: (203) 515-0379 

Copper Fabrication
Flashing / Bay Windows / Vestibules / Entry Roofs / Cupolas / Flower Boxes / Terrace Roofs / Coping & Trim

Chimney Work
Flash Base of Chimney / Point Brick Chimney / Paint Chimney / Waterproof Chimney / Fabricate and/or Install metal Flue Cap / Blue Stone Flue Caps / Stainless Steel Flue Caps

Flat Roof 'Tapered' Roofing Systems
Taper an existing flat roof with low spots to existing roof drains or towards the edge of a roof into the gutter

Gutter Screens
Leaf Protection: Heavy duty extruded aluminum, copper screening that locks into gutter, keeping leaves out and allows rain to flow into them

Heat Wires
Use: Gutters & Roof edge / Residential & Commercial Applications

Ridge Venting
Roll Vent / Cobra Vent / Cora Vent / Lomanco Vent: Hot air in attic migrates upward by convection to the ridge vent. Ridge vent works 24 hrs a day 365 days a year to keep attic space cool and moisture free 

Fixed / Vented / Motorized / Tinted: put daylight & fresh air where you want it

Soffit Venting
Midget Louver Vents / Vented Drip Edge

Roof Drains 
Replace old existing roof drains / Install new drains at low spots on flat roofs to prevent ponding

Roof Inspections & Report
Useful for Homeowners (Buying and Selling) / Real Estate Agents / Lawyers / Arbitrators / Architects / Bank / Mortgage Company / Probate Court

Slate Roofing & Repairs

We stock slate in all sizes and colors 

Snow guards for Slate Roofs
Individually installed guards / Pipe and Bracket System: Helping prevent ice & snow slides from edge of roof, causing injury to people and damage to property